Jerry Szymankowski is a leader, an entrepreneur, advisor, innovator, problem solver, educator, and financial consultant. He has experienced increasing levels of responsibility by working closely with executives and operations management leaders of companies, focused on assisting the whole world. Jerry understood the importance of understanding people (clients) to run a business. He focuses on building brand equity by creating profitable and long lasting relationships to connect with college & university students who look up to him as someone who really understands their struggles as a student or youth. Jerry intention is to help everybody whether poor or rich, Family. City state federal or International matters insurance and those who need everyday help. Although, Jerry may be a disabled Person but his disability does not make him relent or get tired in helping whosoever that needs his assistance. He has been successfully building upon the extraordinary growth dealing with thousands of people in his 35 years journey.
His 35 years of experience has intensified his advocacy for improvements in the identification of Financial Aid opportunities and matching the right programs with family’s needs. He takes great pride in providing wealth accumulation strategies, high quality accounting services, tax strategies and financial management solutions to small businesses and individuals as he strives to get to know his clients and become an insightful financial partner who really understands their goals and challenges. He has succeeded in taking many businesses to the next level.
Jerry has the resources to plan everyone. He works diligently to serve as a steward for their wealth, simplifying life’s complexities with a full spectrum of strategies. He has the tools and resources to develop a plan that gives his clients the chance to achieve their goals.  His experience to helping people comes actually from being around different people in different areas in different countries. If you have any issues concerning your living you can table your issues with Jerry, he will be of assistance.

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